what is content trade

Content trade is when multiple performers get together and film their own videos, generally outside of a professional set.

There are many kinds of content trade so you need to decide what kind works for you and make sure you are communicating what you want and expect when you set up the trade. I always recommend getting things in writing before you are even meeting with your scene partner. The more you communicate before a scene, the better!

1 for 1

One for one content trade means that you collaborate with a scene partner and you each get one exclusive piece of content. You film one scene for them and they film one scene for you. Typically, it is done on the same day so that both parties leave with their content.


Even trades are the most popular form of content trade. This means everyone in the scene shares the content and can sell it on their individual platforms.

Some content creators will offer incentives to film content with them. This could include flights, hotels, or even financial compensation.

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