Affiliate Programs 101

How to make passive income with affiliate programs Did you know that you can continue to make money off of your old scenes? Almost every adult website has something called an affiliate program. In simple terms this is a sale... Read more

Step by Step Guide Expo and Convention Planning

By Edyn Blair HOW TO: MAKE THE MOST OF AN EXPO As performers we all want to take advantage of opportunities and find a way to connect with our fans and expand our reach. Usually, we use social media for... Read more

Content creators do’s & don’ts by Winter Ryleigh

-DON’T treat smaller creators with less dignity than larger creators. We’re all doing the same work & everyone has started somewhere -DO treat everyone equally, despite their experience & social media following. This job can be isolating, especially if you’re... Read more

Platforms to Sell Your Content

Don’t limit your potential when it comes to selling your content. There are so many ways to monetize it, use as many as you can. I am not an expert on all of the platforms, but I will say there are... Read more


Paperwork is one of the most important thing you need to do to stay compliant and be able to sell your content. Read more

Setting Up A Content Trade

Some things to discuss and talk about when setting up a content trade like what kind of footage and how will it be delivered? Read more

what is content trade

A basic overview of the different kinds of content trade that performers may participate in, including basic trade, 1 for 1, and more. Read more