Affiliate Programs 101

How to make passive income with affiliate programs

Did you know that you can continue to make money off of your old scenes? Almost every adult website has something called an affiliate program. In simple terms this is a sale tracking platform. Each site runs them a little differently but many will payout a 50% rev share or a PPS.

Rev share means that you get a percentage of the customer’s purchase for as long as they remain a customer.

PPS stands for Pay Per Sale, so you would receive a flat fee for each sale. Some could be $10, while some are as high as $50, it will vary from program to program.

I recommend revshare because you continuously receive passive income from those sales.

The most popular affiliate platform is called NATS and that’s what we run on so I will be demoing how to sign up, how to get assets likes trailers, pics, and more, and how to get the links that will track the sale to you!

Most sites will have a link in their website footer that says “Affiliate” and when you click there, it will bring you to their affiliate program.

Let’s take a look at, most pay sites will have a similar look where you can check what sites are offered through the program and what promo tools are available. 

Click on Signup to set up an account and fill in all of the required information. 

Some programs will approve your account immediately, some will review your information before approving it. 

This is a basic NATS dashboard, it will show your statistics and we can dive deeper into that in another video, but always remember they have a great wiki and support option on the top right of the tool bar.

The main tab we are going to want to work with is AdTools, this is where you can make campaigns, links, and find banners, pics, and videos. 

Something to always keep in mind, if you need something specific like a banner with your pic and a promo price, reach out and almost any affiliate program will make it custom for you!

Let’s start with campaigns, this is a way to tag your link so you can see where your links are doing well.

Some examples would be Twitter, Reddit, AllMyLinks, LinkTree, Blog

You do not have to use campaigns, it’s just a way to take a deeper look at your traffic

The next step is Link Codes!

This is where you get either campaigned or uncampaigned links that will track the sale to you

Check the left dropdown menu for program options, sometimes you will find different discounts, rev share, or PPS options here.

Link Style is how you want the link to display, encoded or unencoded are the best options for a basic link

Sites: this is where you might find a lot of options depending on the cash program, we have over 40 sites at FPN so find the site that you are on to get a specific link 

Now you can copy and paste that link to your fans and when they sign up, you will make money!!

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