Setting Up A Content Trade

When you are starting to set up content trade please consider that the person that you are working with will have your ID, address, and legal contact information. Take into account that not all content creators are reputable so have plans to protect yourself. Get references from other models whenever possible. But always remember that people have different experiences so you could hear something great and something awful about the same person. I’ll go over this more in my “Red Flags” posts.

Before the shoot, get as much information in writing as possible about what kind of content you will be creating together, like how it will be filmed and shared. 

Questions to Ask/Things to Decide and Negotiate

(Most of these questions are based on the other person filming, editing, etc, so you will need to customize them depending on your situation.)

What kind of scene is being filmed?

How long does that normally take them?

What kind of video is being shot?

Are they using a camera or a phone?

Will the content be vertical or horizontal?

Will there be a camera person, tripod, or is it POV?

Any limitations from both parties about when and where to post?

Remember that it is YOUR content too!

If you’re not getting the content that day, when will you receive the content?

How it will be delivered?

Will it be watermarked?

You have just as much say as the other performer.

For most trades, there is absolutely no reason that you wouldn’t be able to leave with the raw content. Either with iPhone airdrop or bringing a hard drive. Never make assumptions with content trade, always discuss!

Suzanne Ferrari filming Anna Claire Clouds

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